Spruill products, inc.
Prefabricated stairs ideal for mezzanines and in plant offices are available from heights of 19.5” to 12” and widths from 24” to 48”.  Stairs meet OSHA standards and can be manufactured to meet BOCA or IBC standards.  Inside stairwells are available for mezzanine applications.  Stairways can be custom fabricated to meet specific applications.
Pre-Engineered and Custom Designed
Spruill mezzanines are available in pre-engineered packages or custom designed & manufactured to suit specific requirements.
A Spruill mezzanine provides a cost-effective solution to storage requirements based on load, size, span, and height requirements.  Rugged steel construction provides the strength and capabilities needed for storage, office, production area, or break area needs.
Mezzanines Accessories
Mezzanine accessories are available as an integral part of Spruill mezzanines or may be selected separately to be installed with mezzanines produced by another manufacturer.  Accessories include railing systems, stairs, decking, landings, and gates.  All items can be custom fabricated for specific requirements.